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BBC Look East coverage of BEST3 trial results


The BEST3 trial results for the Cytosponge test were published in the Lancet in August 2020.   The study involved 13657 participants and the results show that the Cytosponge TFF3 test can identify ten times more people with Barrett’s oesophagus –a precursor condition to oesophageal cancer- than the usual GP route (140 cases of BE were detected with the Cytosponge. 13 cases were diagnosed in usual care). The test, which can be carried out by a nurse in the GP surgery, is also better at picking up abnormal cells and potentially early stage cancer (five cases of early cancer (stage 1 and 2) detected, versus only one case of early cancer detected in the usual care group).  The test is currently undergoing an economic evaluation and it is hoped that it will be rolled out within GP practices within three to five years.