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c martins

Dr Carla Martins

Research Profile



Carla Martins is an MRC Programme Leader at the MRC Cancer Unit in Cambridge. She obtained her MSc Degree in Biology and Genetics from the Department of Biology at Moscow State University. She then moved back to Portugal where she was awarded a Gulbenkian PhD Program Fellowship (1996-2001). In 1997 Carla joined the Netherlands Cancer Institute to carry out her PhD work under the supervision of Professor Anton Berns, on the in vivo impact of Cip/Kip proteins in lymphomagenesis.

Carla defended her PhD thesis at the University of Amsterdam in 2003 and then joined the group of Professor Gerard Evan at UCSF for her postdoctoral training. She was awarded a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Fellow Grant during this period. At UCSF Carla worked with a new generation of switchable mouse models to define the therapeutic potential of p53 targeted cancer therapy. In 2009 Carla joined the group of Professor David Tuveson at the CRUK Cambridge Institute as an Associate Scientist to further develop her research interests on the fields of targeted cancer therapy and therapeutic resistance.

Carla joined the MRC Cancer Unit as a group leader in 2011 and her lab focuses on the identification and pre-clinical targeting of the molecular mechanisms responsible for tumour progression, with the ultimate aim of developing improved cancer diagnostic and therapeutic tools.