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The First Annual MRC Festival of Medical Research

last modified Jun 11, 2018 10:45 AM

The first annual MRC Festival of Medical Research will run from June 18-26 2016. MRC-funded research establishments will be showcasing and discussing their work through events and activities planned at MRC-funded units, centres and institutes across the UK. Examples of some events include open days, public lectures/debates, activity days, workshops, interactive seminars and quizzes. 

The objectives of the MRC festival are to: 

  1. Engage the MRC community to increase understanding of the MRC's strategic aims and their own contribution to these
  2. Build trust in medical research by sharing MRC-funded research with audiences
  3. Increase awareness and understanding of the benefits of medical research to society

A complete list of MRC festival events can be found at this link.

MRC Festival Cambridge Events

A number of exciting events will be taking place around Cambridge to mark this festival. While some of these are by invitation, many are open to members of the public! A leaflet containing the full details of these events can be found here. For a list of events taking place around Cambridge please click here.

The MRC Cancer Unit will be hosting an Open Day for Sixth form school students. A number of local schools are scheduled to visit the Unit on June 22. The students will be taken on tours of the MRC Cancer Unit labs, where they will hear talks from our scientists and complete some hands-on activities based on the research techniques that we use on a regular basis. The tours will finish with a short Q and A careers session and the opportunity to meet with staff from across the MRC Cancer Unit.