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Reporting from the Hutchison/MRC Research Centre Annual Retreat

last modified Jan 20, 2016 12:55 PM


The 2015 Hutchison/MRC Annual Retreat took place at the Granta Centre, Granta Park, in Great Abington in November. This retreat saw a slightly different approach being taken from previous years, with a dedicated poster session taking place at the Hutchison/MRC Research Centre on the afternoon before the retreat itself (an afternoon session on November 19th). Research centre staff and students alike were able to come along to this session, where they could enjoy some refreshements and view the posters presented in a relaxed setting. The session was very well attended and enjoyed by all.

Retreat poster session

Both the poster and oral competitions of the retreat were judged by members of the Hutchison/MRC Research Centre postgraduate and postdoctoral societies. 

The poster competition was won by Dr. Emma Kerr for her poster entitled: ‘KRasG12D copy number defines metabolic reprogramming and therapeutic suscepatibilities’

The runner-up prize was awarded to Callum Campbell for his poster entitled: ‘Understanding differential checkpoint responses to genetic lesions and their implications for oncogenesis: development and application of imaging tools’.



Retreat presentations

The main scientific sessions of the Annual Retreat took place the following day (November 20th), with presentations from both group leaders and postdoctoral researchers on a diverse range of ongoing research themes from around the building. Scientific sessions were chaired by members of the Hutchison/MRC Postdoc Society.

The award for best talk by a postdoctoral researcher was won by Dr. Hamza Chettouh for his talk entitled: ‘Early detection and risk stratification of patients with Barrett’s oesophagus using the CytospongeTMDr. David Shorthouse took the runner-up prize for his computational biology talk entitled: ‘Osmotic regulation and cancer: Insights through the computational microscope’.


Athena Swan logo


An additional non-scientific talk was given by PhD student, Maximilian Fries, who spoke about the Athena SWAN organisation (a UK-wide organisation aiming to increase gender equality and diversity in education and research) and how both staff and students can get involved with and benefit from this.


Congratulations to all the poster and oral prize-winners, with thanks also to the representatives of the Hutchison/MRC Research Centre postgraduate and postdoctoral societies who did such a great job in judging both the poster and oral competitions.