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Summer Studentships

Vacation Studentships 

is advertising for a vacation studentship to undertake exciting project within his research group (Ben Hall Research).

Project 1 – ref BH/P2

Organoid based screening for novel cancer drivers

Machine learning approaches have led to the identification of a number of potential drivers for cancer. Whilst some of these are well known, tissue specific searches have highlighted a larger number of genes of interest.

Specifically our research has identified several ion channels have been linked with gastrointestinal cancers. Some of these have been characterised and confirmed, but the underlying mechanism by which they alter cellular behaviour remains unknown. In this project the student would work in the lab of experimental collaborators (under Prof. Richard Gilbertson and Dr Eric Rarhmann), using organoid systems to determine how the loss and mutation of individual genes alters growth.


If you have any queries, or would like more information, please contact Ben at

You will be provided with £180 per week for up to 8 to 12 weeks to support your living costs.

Please include a covering letter and CV, quoting the reference number of the relevant project, and email this to

Closing date for applications is 26 June 2018.