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Journal Club at the MRC CU

Frezza Group Journal Club

Journal club 3

The Frezza Group Journal Club is run by . It is open to all research members of the Hutchison/MRC Research Centre and runs every second Tuesday from 9-11 am (see calendar below/link). The aim of Journal Club meetings is to encourage interaction and discussion between colleagues from all groups across the Hutchison/MRC Research Centre. Our research colleagues from outside the Research Centre are also very welcome to join.  

The format is informal and in the style of a book-club, with one member leading the discussion of a topical paper of interest. The choice of papers tends to focus on, but is not restricted to, mitochondrial dysfunction, cancer metabolism in general, deregulated metabolism in other disease contexts, DNA metabolism and genomic instability. Lead discussants are assigned in advance, choose the relevant paper and circulate it to all members the week before each meeting. While slide presentations can be used, where needed, these are not a requirement for this.

Information on papers presented at past and future journal clubs can be found in the journal club section of the Frezza research page. If you would like to join the journal club please contact