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Metabolomics refers to the profiling of small molecules, or metabolites, found in complex biological matrices such as cells, tissues or biofluids. We provide targeted metabolomics analyses of biological samples, either from their endogenous setting or using stable isotope tracers to probe mechanistic pathways. By assessing the condition- and/or time-dependent changes in particular metabolites in complex samples, we aim to gain insight into biological processes and establish new paths of research thus leading to novel, and more targeted, cancer therapies.



The metabolomics facility is equipped with two high-resolution Q- Exactive Orbitrap mass spectrometers, two high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) platforms including a Dionex UltiMate 3000 RSLC and an UltiMate 3000 nanoRSLC system, and a Dionex ICS-6000 HPIC platform coupled to IonPac anion exchange chromatography. Collectively, these platforms are capable of separating and measuring a wide range of metabolites with high accuracy and resolution. 




We have long lasting and fruitful collaborations with many colleagues in the metabolism field. Data analysis and support are provided to the projects from start to publication stage.

To initiate new projects, please contact Dr Christian Frezza

For details of sample preparation, submission and data analyses, please contact Dr Ming Yang and Ms Efterpi Nikitopoulou


Sample submission and cost


Please refer to the following link for cost of sample submissions

Metabolomics sample submission cost

The Sample submission form and Metabolomics checklist must be submitted before samples can be analysed



Contact us

All collaborations are treated as academic collaborations and we will fully support a project from start to publication stage.

For initiation of new projects, please contact Dr Christian Frezza

For details of sample preparation, submission and analyses, please contact the mass spec team



Please refer to the following protocol for metabolomic extractions of biological samples.

Guidelines and Protocols for Metabolomics Analysis_Frezza Lab


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Frezza lab home page