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Along with excellence in Science, the Unit recognises the importance of providing a healthy supportive environment that makes working here a fulfilling experience. As a Unit, we are committed to supporting mental and physical wellbeing of all our staff and students, promoting freedom of thought and creativity and nurturing a congenial social ambience that celebrates diversity, shuns discrimination and enables personal development.

Our aim is to promote an open, inclusive culture overall and create a supporting environment that allows staff and student led ideas and initiatives to flourish and different communities (group leaders, postdocs, students, support staff) to come together through participation and volunteering at various events.  

We achieve our aims  through numerous events organised by the Unit itself alongside our Graduate and Postdoc Societies (eg Bring-a-Dish parties, Happy hours, summer barbecues and Christmas parties, fundraising events, volunteering opportunities at schools outreach events and other public engagement activities). We also take advantage of the numerous events, talks and activities offered by the School of Clinical Medicine and across the University as a whole.


We  celebrate scientific and other achievements of all our staff and students through our quarterly newsletters and by broadcasting widely through social media channels, newsletters and websites both at the School and across the University and MRC communities. We aim to listen to our staff and students and collect their views/opinions and suggestions through a 'suggestion box', which are reviewed every month and then discussed and implemented as often as feasible, to ensure that we remain meaningfully engaged with everyone at the Unit.

The School of Clinical Medicine also runs an extensive Wellbeing Programme, which includes Counseling and Mental Health First Aiders service, and is accessible to all members of the Unit. More information about wellbeing initiatives and associated services available through the School of Clinical Medicine and the wider University are enlisted under the Wider Support section of this page.